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Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes

Any number of catastrophes can damage your home and valuables, from break-ins and fires to natural disasters and broken pipes. One of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected is to make a home inventory so that your insurance company knows exactly what you own that needs to be replaced. Here are a few simple ways to create an inventory of your valuables for insurance purposes.

Decide Which Items Are Most Valuable

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It’s obviously unnecessary to keep track of every pencil, bar of soap, or box of cereal that you own, but just what should be included on a home insurance inventory? Expensive electronic gadgets like your laptops, tablets, cameras, and televisions should definitely be on the list, as well as other pricey items like power tools, furniture, and designer clothes and shoes. It’s also a good idea to take general stock of the less expensive things that you own too, and there are several quick ways to do it.

Record a Video of Your Belongings

The easiest way to create a home inventory is probably to record a video. Using your phone or digital camera, simply walk slowly from room to room and take stock of the important things that you own. For electronics and other valuables, you’ll want to zoom in close so that the exact models and serial numbers are recorded. And it doesn’t hurt to narrate your video clips to describe the items shown in more detail.

Start a Spreadsheet and Take Photographs

If taking a video isn’t an option, another great way to make a home inventory is to start a spreadsheet on your computer and attach relevant photos of valuable belongings. This method has the advantage of being easier to navigate should it ever need to be examined by your insurance company, and there’s plenty of space to record extra details such as the serial numbers, prices, and descriptions of certain items. Spreadsheets are also very easy to update and add items to, so new purchases can be documented in just a few minutes.

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